I am a freelance programmer, specialized in desktop and web applications, from PHP to Javascript, Delphi, and sometime VB. Most of my code can be viewed in Github.

I live at Indonesia, in state of East Java, in city of Sidoarjo.

Any comments are welcomed. And last, hope this small thing can be useful to others.


16 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi.

    I am using your useful Symfony ‘hyperlink between apps’ code. It all works fine except when I exclude the front controller from the url so I can take it out of ‘dev’mode (e.g. http://localhost/home instead of my usual http://localhost/index_dev.php/home).

    AT this stage the links between apps seem to fail with ‘404’ errors. An example follows:

    I have a link to my login form page which is:

    When this link is clicked from http://localhost/home I get the following URL in the browser address bar:


    and a ‘page not found’ results.

    I would appreciate it if you could explain to me why the link is not redirecting to the ‘login/index’ page from the ‘backend’ app and instead is going to what seems like the ‘frontend/login’ module?

    (I have my settings.yml file set to not show the front controller when the default production front controller is requested so not sure where the ‘index.php’ is coming from in the URL above.)

    I would value your help please.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi, My name is Waluyo.
    I’m so glad to know your blogspot. Dear friend, sorry if I ask more helps and questions for you.
    Well, great effort since we have met….Bravo!!1

  3. bos. knapa program musabaqahx sistem IT. sy copy waktu platihan dwn hakim di palu. nda bisa dibuka. padahal pasportx sdh sesuai petunjuk?

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